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3 Products for Your Dog During Hunting Season

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There is almost nothing as beautiful as watching a well-trained waterfowl dog work their magic. A hunting dog is a hunter's best friend in more ways than one. During waterfowl season, these dogs do the dirty work. The conditions of these hunts can sometimes get to be drastic at best. It is a good bet that you are wearing your very best gear, and it is only fitting that your companion should be geared up for the conditions as well. Your dog is going to be doing a lot of work for you, so here are three products that you should consider for your dog.

A Tough Vest That Matches the Hunt

There are many different types of hunting vests for your dog. There have been dogs that have been sliced up pretty badly during a hunt, but there have also been dogs that have drowned or frozen. Dogs are tough animals—there is no doubt about that—but they do need to be protected. It is highly recommended that if you are going to be hunting in the cold water that you use a neoprene vest to help your dog stay warmer. Also look for a vest that has some amount of protection for the dog's chest. This is going to protect your dog from the cold and from most obstacles that would pose a problem.

Dog Boots

If you are going to be hunting in a frozen field or where ice is around, do not forget about your dog's feet. The pads on a dog's feet are tough, but they can take only so much punishment. The ice and the frozen ground can do a number on the pads of a dog. For this reason, it is a very good idea to use hunting dog boots. These boots are often made of neoprene as an upper and a type of rubber for the sole. The neoprene will keep the dog's feet warm while the rubber will protect the pads.

Dog Blind

You are going to want to stay hidden from the ducks and geese, so your dog better have a way to stay hidden as well. A good dog blind will allow you to keep your dog hidden, but it also can provide a place for your dog to take some needed rest between flocks of waterfowl. A good blind will provide both a place to hide and shelter from the elements.  

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