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2 Reasons To Consider A Dog Harness

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One of the most important tools at your disposal when you have a dog is a harness, mostly because it can both protect your dog and help you train him or her. Listed below are two reasons to consider a dog harness.

Safer For You And Your Dog

The single biggest reason to utilize a dog harness is to make walking your dog much safer for everyone involved. For example, a dog harness can help remove the pressure from your dog's neck if he or she is prone to pulling or lunging forward, which is very important because smaller dogs can easily injure themselves since they are more fragile than larger dogs. Since the harness will actually spread the pressure from the leash across the strongest parts of your dog's body, the chest and shoulders, the chances of an injury occurring are much lower.

Another way that a harness makes a walk safer for the dog is that it can provide a lot more control over your dog's movement, which is very useful when walking a large dog. Since you will have more control, it is much harder for your dog to pull away from you and escape into traffic or to run towards another dog that may be aggressive. In addition, since the leash will be attached to your dog's back rather than the neck, it is much harder for the dog to tangle you up, which helps prevent injuries to you from a leash wrapping around your legs and tripping you or the leash getting tangled around your arm and pinching when the dog pulls.

Suitable For A Variety Of Activities

You should also consider a harness for your dog because a harness can help protect your dog during a large variety of activities. For example, if you go hiking with your dog a lot, there are harnesses available that will protect his or her chest and stomach from branches, bushes, and other debris that he or she may walk through on your hike. Another option is a car harness that allows you to attach the harness to a seat belt in your car to keep the dog from flying all over the car and becoming severely injured during an accident.

Drop by your local pet supply store today in order to look at the many available harness options that may be suitable for your dog. Harnesses can make walks and other activities much safer for both you and your dog. For more information, contact local professionals like Anytime Pet Products.