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Here Comes The Scratching: Two Homemade Flea Killing Recipes To Protect Your Pet From Future Infestation

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Once your small pup starts scratching incessantly, you know something is up. Fleas are like the lice for pets and you want to get rid of it safely and effectively. Wanting to avoid chemicals is only natural when you want to protect your pets, so turning to alternative methods is the best route to take. There are several remedies you can make right at home that will remove the fleas and protect your furry friend from future infestation. Below are two of the best flea medication recipes you can make right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Vinegar And Lemon Juice Spray

One of the best methods for getting rid of fleas and protecting your pet from future infestation is to spray them with a vinegar and lemon juice spray. Lemons contain limonene, a chemical that will kill fleas and keep them away from your pet. It's a natural repellant because fleas hate this chemical. Fleas also hate the smell of vinegar. It doesn't matter whether you use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, because all fleas care about is the smell.

To make this flea repellant, you will need to mix one cup of vinegar and one-half cup of lemon juice together in a spray bottle of warm water. After the ingredients are mixed together, spray your pet down with the solution, avoiding the face. This solution will burn your pet's eyes if it makes contact. Fleas love hot spots on the body so pay extra attention to the neck and ear areas on the body. You can also use this solution to give your pet a nice, healthy shine in its fur.

Lavender Flea Collar

When it comes to killing fleas fast and effectively, lavender oil takes the cake. Lavender is actually an insecticide, so it works by killing the fleas that are already there and repelling any fleas from coming back. Just like the vinegar, fleas can't stand the scent of lavender. As an added bonus, this remedy will leave your pet smelling nice and clean.

You can use lavender oil to make your pet a homemade flea collar. Drop ten drops of lavender oil into a cup of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution over a rolled up bandana and tie it around your pet's neck. Using a bandana will be easier than using a regular collar because it will soak up the solution easier. You can respray the bandana every five to seven days.

Once your furry friends starts constantly scratching, you can bet it has a flea infestation. To protect your pet from harmful chemicals, use one of the flea killers and repellants listed above. These recipes are not only safe and effective, they are also cheap and super easy to make on your own.

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