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When Does A Dog Need Premium Dog Food?

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As you browse the aisle at your local pet food store, you may notice that there are several brands of food labeled "premium" or "enhanced with superfoods." These dog foods tend to cost significantly more than your standard, natural dog food. They also tend to come in smaller bags. As such, you probably don't want to buy these foods unless you know your dog really needs them and can benefit from them. So, when would that be? When is buying premium dog food a good idea? Read below to take a look.

Your dog is ill

Sick dogs are often less willing to eat, and as such, a super premium dog food that is made with higher-quality ingredients—and often smellier ingredients—can entice them. These foods also tend to be higher in vitamins, minerals, and other trace nutrients that your dog needs as they heal. If your dog is sick, look for a premium food that contains some antioxidant-rich ingredients like spinach and blueberries. These nutrients will help protect your dog's cells from additional damage as he or she heals.

Your dog is elderly

As dogs grow older, their nutritional needs change. They may need more nutrients in order to ward off disease and remain energetic. Elderly dogs may also become pickier and have smaller appetites. If they are eating less food, it is more important that the food they do eat is really nutrient-dense. Premium dog food can fit the bill. Look specifically for one made for senior dogs; there are plenty. Those foods made for senior dogs tend to be easier to chew, easier to digest, and formulated to meet older dogs' unique needs.

Your dog has digestive trouble

Does your dog have IBS? Maybe they just have a sensitive stomach and experience loose stools quite often. Dogs with digestive troubles do not always digest their food as well. If you buy them premium food, there will be more nutrients for them to absorb, which means they may get more nutrition out of the food they eat. This can help prevent them from developing vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Premium foods also tend to contain fewer ingredients, which can be easier on your dog's digestive tract overall.

Premium dog food can really come in handy for dogs who fall into the categories above. Take your time browsing the brands and formulas, and select one that's in line with your dog's needs. Visit a pet store today to buy superfood-enriched dog food.