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4 Ways To Improve Your Dog's Health Naturally

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Dogs make excellent companions. They're loyal, fun-loving, and always up for a good adventure. Unfortunately, their lifespans are so much shorter than that of their human companions. Help your dog live a long and healthy life by using these four tips to improve their health naturally:

1. Give your dog lots of exercise.

Exercise is just as important for your canine companion as it is for humans. According to Hill's, giving your dog a lot of exercise can help to keep them at a healthy weight. This can extend your dog's lifespan, since overweight dogs are more likely to suffer from heart problems and high blood pressure. Exercise can even soothe anxious dogs by giving them a way to work out their excess energy. Tailor your dog's exercise to their temperament. If they have a lot of energy, they might enjoy jogging with you. If your dog is older and more sedate, try taking them for a long walk around the neighborhood.

2. Feed your dog a balanced, organic diet.

Unlike humans, dogs typically don't get a lot of variety in their diet. That means you need to choose a high-quality food that will provide your dog with energy from a healthy source. Do your research before picking a dog food. Find a source of dog food that uses all natural ingredients while skipping harmful fillers and additives. When in doubt, ask your dog's veterinarian to recommend a good food for your dog's stage of life.

3. Introduce natural supplements into your dog's diet.

The right dog food can give your dog energy and nutrients, but it might not give them all the vitamins and minerals they need. Individual dogs have their own nutritional requirements that mass-produced food can't provide, and that's where supplements come in. Hemp oil, from a company like Ellevet Sciences, is a great supplement to give to any dog. It's an excellent source of essential fatty acids that can keep your dog's coat looking shiny while promoting good joint health. It can also provide natural pain relief for dogs suffering from arthritis or other chronic conditions.

4. Care for your dog's teeth.

You may not realize that your dog's oral health affects their whole body. Tooth decay can cause heart problems when left untreated, so make sure to take care of your dog's teeth. Get into the habit of brushing their teeth every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. If your dog won't allow you to do so, try giving them special dog treats meant to stimulate the gums while cleaning plaque off their teeth.