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How To Make Your Dog A Service Dog

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If you have a disability and you have a dog, then you may be interested in learning how to make your dog a service dog. The first thing you want to do is to determine that a service dog is in fact what you need. Once you do this, then you want to learn about the process of turning your dog into a service dog. This article will help you by providing you with information on these things.

What type of dog do you need?

Emotional support dog – If you have anxiety or depression, then you may find that having your dog near you helps to keep you calm. A dog can be a huge comfort, and when you start to feel anxious, having your dog right there can even help to prevent anxiety attacks. Your dog can even help to make the symptoms of your depression less severe. However, an emotional support dog is one that does not have the same rights as a service dog with regards to going into places like stores and other buildings. Even so, with a prescription from your doctor for a support animal, landlords will not be able to discriminate against your dog and not allow you to rent from them because you have it. Also, note that a support dog requires no special training.

Service dog – If you have a disability that leaves you unable to do some things on your own, or you have a hard time doing them, then a service dog may be able to help. In order for a dog to be deemed a service dog, it must be trained to do two separate tasks for you that help you with your daily living. For example, a service dog can help you by handing you something you dropped and bringing you items you ask for. A service dog may also warn you of an oncoming problem with your glucose levels or even of an oncoming seizure; then they will stay with you to protect you until you feel better. A service dog will need to be well-trained on how to act in public, be able to ignore outside stimuli, be completely housebroken, show no aggression toward people or other animals, and be trained to stay right at your side. Service dogs can go just about anywhere you can.

How to make your dog a service dog

Once you have decided you do in fact need a service dog, you will put them through a training program where they will be taught all the proper behaviors and then be taught the specific tasks they need to do in order to help you with your disability. There is no special license or registration for a service dog. However, you may find you get bothered less when taking them in public if you get them the official-looking vest and carry cards with you explaining the laws regarding service dogs.

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