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3 Reasons To Install A Cat Fence

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While most people think of getting a fence installed when they buy a dog, they don't think about this when they purchase a cat. However, it can be just as important to have a fenced area for your cat, as it is for your dog. Here are three reasons why you should consider installing a cat fence and cat fence gates:

The Top Angles Inward 

Not only is a cat fence high enough so that your cat can't jump it, but it also angles inward at the top. Because the top essentially folds in, your cat won't be able to get anywhere when they try to climb out. This can give you peace of mind that your cat is safe inside of the enclosure and can't break free. This allows you the freedom of placing your cat outside to play and exercise, without the fear of having them run away and get lost or hurt. 

The Gates Provide Easy Access For You 

Since the gate is so tall, there is likely no way that you can climb over it to get inside. Thankfully, the cat fences come with a gate that essentially acts as a door into the enclosed area. This doors easily opens and closes, securing your cat inside. You can also choose how large or small you would like the gate to be, depending on what items you plan on bringing into and out of the cat enclosure. This is all part of the customization process when creating and order your cat fence and gate materials. 

Perfect For Kittens

If your cat has kittens, and you are trying to get them used to the outdoors, a cat fence is the way to go. The enclosure that the cat fence creates is small enough that it doesn't overwhelm the kittens, but it is also big enough that it gives them enough room to roam and discover the outdoors. You can also easily watch them, without interfering with their learning experience. Depending on the setup of your cat fence, you may even be able to move it around to different areas of your property, so that they can discover even more new places.

A cat fence is likely a great fit for your cat because the top angles inward and stops them from escaping, the fence comes with a gate for you to use, and the enclosure itself is perfect for introducing kittens to the outside world.