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Great Gifts for Cool Canines This Christmas

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Soon, shoppers will start thinking about what to give to their special loved ones for the holidays, including their four-legged family members. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your dog, you have a lot of options from sensible and practical gifts to fun and trendy purchases.

Some great gift ideas for your four-legged companion are:

Carriers that spark conversation. There are many cute carriers options on the market that make taking your small dog with you simple and comfortable. Consider carriers that look like couture bags or high-end brands, or something whimsical and fun, like carriers that resemble cars.

Such-fun subscription services. You will love getting a box of goodies for your dog in the mail each month. Some pet subscription services offer boxes that range in price, and the frequency of the deliveries. Typically, you will fill out a preference sheet to indicate the size, breed, and tastes of your dog when initially subscribing.

Animal-friendly accessory items. Opt for animal-friendly, vegan leather collars and leashes this Christmas. These are made to be as durable as authentic leather, but without using animal products in the process.

Personalized apparel. Cute apparel is always a hit, and personalized sweaters and sweatshirts make a great gift for any dog. Choose handmade sweaters with names or motifs stitched in, or take a favorite tee to an embroidery service for monogramming. These gifts show thoughtfulness and are a great way to remember a dog-lover and their pet this holiday.

Something tasty from the heart. Consider making your own homemade jerky for dogs this holiday. This ensures that you know exactly what is in each treat, without the fear of chemicals or additives. If you have a food-dehydrator, simply dry thin slices of beef with a touch of salt. If not, try one of the online recipes using your oven. It is simple and inexpensive.

Too-cute toys. Check out the hilarious dog toys available from online sellers, like presidential hopefuls or awkward looking humans that squeak and are soft for snuggling. These will bring a laugh from the humans while making your pets happy.

When shopping for the holidays, don't forget your loyal canines. There are plenty of fun and useful products and pet supplies to fill a stocking and put under the tree this year. For more ideas for gifts and other pet supplies, contact local stores or services like Petland of Crystal Lake.