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4 Important Things To Know About Using Waste Bags For Your Dog's Poop

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Many dog owners know that they should probably be picking up their dog's poop whenever it happens because it's the polite thing to do, especially if the dog poops in a neighbor's yard. However, not many dog owners realize how much more important picking dog poop up is besides just being polite. Here are four important things to know about using waste bags to pick up your dog's poop:

  1. Better for the Environment: There are some dog owners out there who think it's probably not so bad that dog poop isn't picked up because it just becomes fertilizer anyway. However, this is not the case. Dog poop that is left on the ground can accumulate nasty parasites that can then make their way into another dog's body, causing that dog to become extremely ill. Also, dog poop can make it's way into the groundwater runoffs in neighborhoods that will then contaminate it. 
  2. Needs to be Disposed of Properly: So, you have the poop in a dog waste bag, which is great, but now how do you properly get rid of it? One of the best ways is to use it as compost or in your garden. However, if you don't use these things, then the next best way would be to throw it in the trash or even throw it in the toilet and flush it down (without the bag, of course). The best dog poop bags to use would be biodegradable ones that won't affect the environment like plastic would if you simply throw it in the trash can. 
  3. Pick Up Poop Even While Hiking: Many dog owners while hiking or out camping won't pick up their dog's poop because they believe that it won't do any harm out here where there are no neighbors to worry about. The reason you should be picking it up even here is because dog poop contains chemicals that just aren't good for vegetation in the great outdoors. Although it would seem fine because there are many wild animals who don't pick up their poop out there, dog poop is different because it has those dangerous toxins. 
  4. Hire a Professional if You Need To: There are plenty of dog walking businesses that will take your dog on walks for you, especially while out of town and they will use the proper waste bags to pick up your dog's poop. It's important to hire professionals or even just a friend to clean up the backyard poop while you are away, as well. This ensures that the dog poop isn't going to contaminate the groundwater or cause any harm to the plants in your yard. 

By knowing these important things about picking up your dog's poop, you can better understand why it's much more important than just a polite gesture. ​