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Fun And Feasible Fish For Your Beginner's Aquarium

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Aquariums are an excellent option for people that want to bring a bit of life and visual interest to their home, and these also make a great way to foster responsibility in young pet-owners and kids. Talk with aquarium experts and retailers to find the best tanks, pumps, and fish to create your own distinct aquarium, and to promote peace, serenity, and calm in the home.

Consider the following options before going out to buy your fish:

Cold freshwater aquariums.

Cold freshwater aquariums are a simple, easy-to-maintain option for novice fish owners, and the materials needed are relatively inexpensive. You will need a filtration system that suits the size of your tank, and a light to help keep your fish healthy. Water is typically kept at room temperature, which is around 68-degrees Fahrenheit.

Some great options for your cold freshwater aquarium include:

  • Goldfish.

  • Bloodfin Tetras.

  • White Cloud.

Heated freshwater aquariums.

When you heat your aquarium water up to around 80-degrees Fahrenheit, you will have a lot more options in terms of fish. Consider a wide range of tropical fish in beautiful colors. You also need plants and rocks for shy species like the Black Skirt Tetras, who like to hide in a heated freshwater aquarium.

When you are using a heated freshwater aquarium, look for these kinds of fish:

  • Betta.

  • Platies.

  • Danios.

  • Black Molly.

  • Black Skirt Tetras.

  • Swordtails.

Saltwater aquariums.

Many people enjoy saltwater aquariums due to the ease and low-maintenance required. Saltwater fish tend to be hardy, tough species that will survive and thrive in an aquarium. You will want an air pump and aquarium retail personnel will be able to point you in the right direction for pumps to aerate your tank's distinct size.

Some saltwater fish that are great for beginners include:

  • Damselfish.

  • Clownfish.

  • Firefish.

  • Blue Green Chromis.

Choices for children.

Aquariums are a great learning-experience for children, and taking care of fish can foster good habits toward making them responsible pet owners later on. It is important to consider fish species that are easy to feed, such as with dried flake food or dehydrated shrimp, to make things simple for young kids.

Some good options for children include:

  • Danios.

  • Angelfish.

  • Neon Tetras.

  • Betta.

  • Guppies.

  • Black Molly.

An aquarium is a great way to bring life and tranquility to the home. With the right types of fish, an aquarium can be a low-maintenance alternative to pet-ownership for parents trying to instill responsible behavior in children, too. Talk with retailers and custom aquarium designers about the basics for setting up your own tanks, as well as to determine the best fish species for your distinct aquarium.